[Religion help] invest
Syntax: invest 
The invest command is used to bring a new player into the religion.
Certain guidelines must be followed when deciding who is appropriate
to invest into your religion and when they can be allowed to do so:
1. The candidate should be of an appropriate temperament to join the
religion. This means that they should have an alignment and goals
compatible with the prospective god.
2. They should fervently believe in the god they are petitioning for
above all others in the pantheon. Most people from the continent of 
Pyrathia worship all gods equally, muttering a prayer to the goddess 
of healing when sick, the god of the elements when hurrying home in 
foul weather and the god of luck while competing in a game.
3. Although you are encouraged to test the dedication of followers
before investment with quests and requirements before entry, these
should never be designed so that the candidate has to be a specific
level before attaining membership.  Even an Amateur should be able
to join a religion if he or she works long enough at it.
4. Your deity may impose additional restrictions or qualifications.
Only those highly favored by their god or goddess are able to invest
members into their religion using this command.
See also: blemish atone