Calabash grew up in Everclear Village as a fisherman. His father and brothers
were also fishermen and to this day supply the local barkeep, Ed Needson, with
the trout he sells in his establishment.  Calabash fished Lake Everclear with
the men-folk in his family for more than 60 years before he ventured out into
the world.  60 years of fishing for a living had left him certain that there
was a better way to earn a living.  With this in mind, he researched various
different professional avenues and was tested by Everclears Mayor Khalida.
The Mayor suggested that while fishing was in his blood, sorcery would also
be a good choice for the clever gnome.  Calabash took Mayor Khalidas advice
and left Everclear for the school of magic in Sithaniel.  He enrolled there
because it was the least expensive place to attend school; Exiles academic
tuition is sky-high and fishermen dont rake in the big bucks.
After a few years of diligent studying, Calabash earned his journeyman robes by
cleansing the Caverns of the Dead and journeying to seek out powerful spell
texts.  While looking for spell books in the libraries of the realms, he found
Goro, a black-crested griffon mage. Goro impressed upon young Calabash the
importance of knowledge and wisdom.  Thus, Calabash began to learn of Lord
Zarathrusta and the freedom the Faith allows for exploration of both Light and
Dark avenues in the realms. He decided to become a seeker and distributor of
Knowledge and has dedicated himself to the pursuit of Knowledge ever since.
Calabash earned his Griffon Wings by teaching the Krychirian refugees (camped
outside of Nerina) to provide for themselves by fishing. The refugees accepted
Calabashs instruction, left their camp and settled on the Tarim River in a
quaint, rural fishing camp.  Every now and again, Calabash visits these fisher-
people, and is always happy to find them in good health.
Calabash spent many years afterwards spreading knowledge.  He researched and
published a text on the spell Final Strike.  This book has been widely
acclaimed as the most authoritative writing on the topic.  Forthcoming books
include an authorized biography of the self-proclaimed King Reorcyn and
another research book on the spell Etherealform.  In this way Calabash has
worked to formally increase the general knowledge of the realms.  Informally, he
spreads knowledge and wisdom by aiding the countless people who seek him out for
a better understanding of the realms.
More recently, Calabash has been involved in the defense of Exile and has acted
as a scout to discover information useful to the defense of Exile.  His ability
to gather military intelligence was used in the last few years of the Blood Wars
and during the subsequent rise to power of King Reorcyn in Krychire.
In closing, Calabash is not a fighter and rarely does battle with anyone
anymore. He regularly travels with groups of diverse people, maps extensively,
and enjoys a personal knowledge of the fish species in each of the major lakes
and bays within the realms. While you will not catch him out on a boat, you may
find him taking a break on a riverbank, tossing out a line during a mapping