Aludra: Goddess of Love, Devotion and Compassion

It is rumored that Aludra has long remained watchful in the realms, allowing
her young brother, Shailan, to oversee the realm of love and passion while
off on alliances with the other gods (and perhaps a few mortals).  It is
only as of late that she has felt the desire to be fully present, and bring
forth her faith in a strong surge for the principles of Love, Devotion, and

The Goddess Aludra is also known as LadyLove, or The Mistress.  When mortals
are blessed by her manifestation, she appears in various forms, each of
which holds an unearthly beauty surpassing anything they have ever

Those who follow LadyLove are called The Devoted.  Her following consists of
all those who wish to revere and promote the presence of Love, Devotion, and
Compassion in the realms.  The Devoted are frequently noted as being the
most beautiful of people, but a homely appearance is almost as common of her
followers.  It should be noted that spirit's beauty can easily make up for
the physical lacking. Only those that cherish virtue can fully comprehend the
meaning of Aludra's tenants, and the church's membership is restricted to 
such mortals. 

The symbol of the church is a pair of doves holding a red rose between the
two of them.  The dove pair symbolizes strong Devotion to a life long
partner, to family members, or to the personal beliefs of a person.  The
rose, of course, is a universal symbol of Love.  

The followers of Aludra and Dabi do not see eye to eye in any way.  The
obvious differences in beliefs put the two churches at odds with each other