[Communication help] reply tell gtell ; 

Through a strange quirk of fate all of the sentient races in the world
share the ability to mentally communicate with each other from afar.
Doing so is taxing however, drawing upon the same mental reserves with
which mages use to cast their spells.  These channels are IN CHARACTER.

Syntax: reply 

Reply sends your message to the last person to tell to you.  This can
be handy for speaking with people who are invisible or with immortals.

Syntax: tell  

Tell sends a message to one player anywhere in the realms.  They must
be awake at the time to receive it.

Syntax: gtell 

Gtell sends a message to all characters in your current group.  If
someone is asleep or stunned, they will not hear what you say, however.
; is a synonym for gtell.

NOTE: All communication is language based.  If you do not understand the
language that is being spoken, the message will be garbled. You can tell
which language is being spoken by it's color.

See also: say language quiet