[Command help] throw

Syntax: throw  
Syntax: throw   (*)

The throw command can be used to toss stones, daggers, spears, axes and
boulders at enemy targets.  Although throwing a weapon does slightly more 
damage than simply using it in melee, this is compensated for by the loss 
of the weapon itself.  Throwing doesn't really come in handy until you find
yourself in a group formation.  Characters in the back rows can always 
throw their weapons at anyone else in the room. Stones, daggers, spears and
axes can only be thrown at people in the current room.

In order to throw, you are required to either throw an item already in your
hand or else have a free hand to fetch items from your inventory.  But the
juggle skill can alleviate this restriction.

* Giants by nature of their prodigious size and strength can actually
scoop up boulders from the ground and throw them as far as the next room. 
They can use the secondary syntax shown above to do so.  Giants can also 
throw any item that can be used as siege ammunition.  Other races require 
a siege weapon of some kind, usually mounted in a fixed emplacement.

See also: weapons 'auto fire' siegecraft juggle