Sargas, *( the Smiter )*
These are the words describing the first appearance of Sargas in the 
realm of Pyrathia and the destruction of the former Lord of 
  "So it was that the explosion hurled us all from the ancient 
temple. As we each came back, we saw golden sand flow into the 
cracks of the ruined ground. Heat cooked our bodies as the dust 
manifested into the form of a God. The fire that flowed along his 
form added to his golden radiance. Holding aloft his hands, 
lightning struck him as he laughed at the world. 
  "The ground groaned in agony as the dark clouds held the chorus of 
thunder and lighting. Rage flowed through Sargas as he held his hand 
over his missing left eye. Grabbing the Great Sword of Conquest, 
Sargas strode forward to cleave Ariakas in two, destroying his form. 
The fires of Sargas consumed the essence that was that Lord. His 
rage challenged the world as he announced himself to the mortals of 
this realm"
- From the personal account of Ramlah of the Shield Lands. 612 T.A.
"No mortal, no mountain, no god shall hold ground before my 
Dominion!", thus is the challenge of Sargas, God of War; The 
Desert's Scourge, The All Consuming Flame, Harbinger of Conquest. 
What form such an immortal vessel could take cannot truly be told, 
but the priests and old men speak of Him as a taking the form of an 
ancient dwarf, gnarled and muscle-bound. Radiating an aura of 
terrible power and fury upon that dread day when he did rise to 
claim the soul of Ariakas and commit it to His flames. 
Sargas the One Eyed: The All Consuming. The stories tell of how He 
did lose his left eye in that fateful battle when he did come to 
claim his Power. The embodiment of Dark Honor, whispers tell that he 
bears the wound still, a dark crater as a badge of respect to his 
fallen and defeated foe. 
Conflict is the Glory of the Soul. The Weak are beneath Contempt. 
Mercy is for the Weak in both its giving and receipt; Honor and the 
gift of Death is for the truly worthy foe. Conquest is resolution 
and second to the conflict that glorifies His name. It is by such 
lessons that The Smiter expects his Chosen to extend his Dominion 
throughout these realms. 
Such tenets inspire His priests, and draw His followers to the dark 
banner. And for such harsh and unbending tenets of belief, Sargas 
the Smiter finds great favor as a Patron of those dark Knights, the