"As Kshama begot Shailan, and Shailan begot Meissa, so has Meissa betotten us 
all, one together in Unity." - Proverb of the Meissan Church
Known through the ages as Kshama, and then Shailan, and finally Meissa, the 
Goddess of Art, Healing, and Unity takes on the essence of the Nightingale, a 
songbird that has always been a symbol of hope and renewal. Artists of all 
walks of life pray to Her for their muse, and all healers pay homage to Her 
gifts when they care for the sick.
Her church is predominantly ordered around Clerics and Bards, but has, at 
times, taken on a militaristic role, especially when the forces of Darkness 
have come together and posed an immediate threat to the Light. It is in those 
dark times that the Nightingale's song can be heard among the poeple of the 
Light, and her warrors ride forthe to heal Pyrathia of the diseases of hatred, 
lies, conquest, and fear. Such Unity is the epitome of the Shining One and is 
truly Her greatest gift unto the people of the Light.