[Game help] enmity
"A good deep elf or an evil elf is simply not possible. A Grey elf or deep
elf is simply not possible. A griffon or elf friendly with a deep elf is
unnatural and a revilement to all the gods. Let anyone who sees one aiding
the other destroy them both, for they are abominations to the gods."
    --- From "Gathered Counsel of the Gods" edited and compiled by Riov Ryon,
half-elf Torrum Aracana Scholar.
"Why do I hate elves? Huh, why do you like asking questions?"
    ---Gorsan Tinel, Deep Elf mercenary of Ch'zzrym
"The enmity will never die for the same reason you'll never see sunlight in
    ---Sylanis Yaniel, Elven sorcerer of Sith'a'niel
"It is a rite of passage in some of the Ch'zzrym Houses for a young deep elf
to go out in the world and return with the scalp of an elf. It thus binds the
young ones closer to their House, and perpetuates the eternal cycle of
conflict and revenge..."
    ---From "Lasting Enmity" by Twiza Vonis, human Torrum Arcana Scholar
"For the cause of good I must commit violence against those that are evil. As
one must lance an infected boil, so must one purge the deep elves from the
    ---Ravin Felgaros, elven paladin and King of Ayamao
"You see the seeds of redemption in the heart of this creature? I disagree.
So let us then slay him and commit his spirit to the care of the gods. They
shall know their own."
    --- Sir Lorias Fenlarath, Knight Commander of Taslamar, Paladin and
elven hero of old.
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