[Objects help] hold remove wear wield

Syntax: wear  [right|left|hands|feet|hooves]
        wield  [right|left|hands|feet|hooves]
        hold  [right|left|hands|feet|hooves]

Wear will take an object from your inventory and begin to use it.  Armor
will be worn, weapons will be wielded and other miscellaneous items such
as shields, potions, scrolls, staves, and wands will be held in an empty
hand.  You must also wear a light source for it to be effective.  

Wield and hold are synonyms for the wear command.

Remove will take the object from your equipment list and put it back
into your inventory.

All items currently being worn can be seen using the equipment command.
All may be used as an argument with any of these commands, though some
equipment may not be useable due to race, size or alignment.  If an item
can be worn in more than one location, you may specify the slot.

See also: inventory