Alshain the White Flame - God of Courage, Righteousness and Purification
'Twas a raging day of battle between gods of light and deeds of darkness
over southern Zhenshi when the God of Courage was reborn...
Sands of unnatural power were spreading further afield, strangling the very
health out of earth and plant alike.  Peaceful animals were torn from their
skeleton; some even twisted into new beasts, the like of which has not been
seen before in Pyrathia.  It was this unnatural invasion that two gods were
called forth, at the beckoning of zealous prayers and rituals: Shailan, god
of Healing, and Calrion, Lord of the Morning.
Battling the sands and then Lord Sargas himself - who was the malign force
who summoned the sands - Lord Calrion was smote by the great-axe Dominion.
His form cleaved nearly in two, it was consumed in flames and arose in the
sky.  A flaming phoenix flying before all those gathered - mortal and god
alike - he was born anew as Alshain, the White Flame. Returning to the
battle ground, he brought both fist, flame and sword down upon his godly
foe with paladin honour and Sargas the Smiter, having ties with the hellion
code, returned blows in kind.  After battling across the realms for nigh
on days, they eventually stayed their weapons.  It is said that the respect
and recognition between skilled foes equal on all counts came upon them,
and thus the ending postponed until either believed they are the better
once more.
Thus was the god of courage reborn.  Showing valor in battle and a promise
kept to his followers after his ascension from the tears of Lord Rishivel
mourners.  Paladins swear oaths to spheres of Alshain as they attain
knighthood and it is said he watches over them as if they were his sons.
Priests of Alshain's church are also a force to be reckoned with, having
been given the title battlepriest by citizens since they first fought
alongside their cavalier brothers, long ago.