[Combat help] aim 
Syntax: aim upper/mid/lower
Aim allows you to direct your blows against a certain area of your opponent's
body. Some areas are easier to hit and may give more damage, while others may
give you more of a chance of a one-shot kill.
Aim upper:
Aims for the head and chest.  While this does increase the damage done by your
blows, it is more difficult to get your blows to land properly.
Aim mid:
Aims for the chest, gut and arms.  This is the starting default and a good
choice to use most of the time.  It will deliver more of your blows to an area
which is easier to hit and gives the chance to lop off your opponent's arms.
Aim lower:
Aims for the chest, gut and legs.  This is the best way to stop someone from
being able to kick at you or kick dirt in your face and tends to work well on
When aiming your blows, you should take a look at your opponent and see where 
he lacks armor, then aim for that general area to increase the damage you do.