Zavijah the Essence of Knowledge and Wisdom

Zavijah governs the mortal influence of Wisdom, Knowledge, Enlightenment,
and Freedom.  All the great explorers of Pyrathia; the cunning poets, witty
journalists, and wise philosophers murmur a prayer to him.  In fact, anyone
with a thirst for understanding pray to him at one time or another.  He is
known as "Zavijah the Essence," marking his presence as the essence of all
wisdom and knowledge, the form of free thoughts.  In the most recent age,
His presence has been felt and even seen with increasing frequency.  This
occurance has also dubbed him as "Zavijah the Restless."

While these are all the things the Essence represents and influences, his
religious doctrine mandates that his followers are not the indifferent
students of all things, implied by the influence of unbiased knowledge and
wisdom.  His faith is one of benevolence, protection: to worship Zavijah is
to worship the spread of Knowledge and Wisdom.  To be one of His is to
teach, learn, and guard all at once.  The faith of Zavijah is a sect of
benevolent people, both zealous and pacifist, who desire to end all of the
oppression and impediments upon freedom which hinder education.  They desire
to spread all knowledge and wisdom they have, selflessly and without greed. 
It is hard to describe the philosophies toward the God of Wisdom - the best 
way to describe them is with some of their most noteworthy quotes.

"It is said that staring into lightning is staring into the eyes of Zavijah.
It blinds you of all possible distractions and deceptions, and every other
sight that could get in the way.  It makes you clear of these things,
metaphors for oppression and malice.  In the wake of this freedom, you are
left with every color in the spectrum, and arguably sight of all things in
that brief glimpse."

"And in the fiery tongue of the ancients, it was written: the free exchange
of knowledge (justified true belief) must be defended with words if
possible, but with beak, talon, and sword if necessary.  Further the priest
of Zavijah will defend the helpless from murder, oppression, or torture
since all of these prevent the flow of knowledge."

"With knowledge and wisdom at hand, no wrong choice can be made.  There can
be no malice with the wisdom of its futility; there can be no fear with the
knowledge of limits to displace it.  There can be no evil in the mind of the
enlightened.  And so, we must enlighten."