It is written that Pergan, Dark Lord of Ambition, whose name was a rallying 
cry for dark knights and mages of yore, slipped from the realms quietly and 
without pomp.  And so it was with some shock and much amusement that 
Yopparai, Patron of Chaos and Insanity, fresh off a bout of merriment and 
binge-drinking, did happen across Pergan's sleeping form in one of the back 
halls of the fabled Citadel of the Gods.  Not one to pass over a ripe 
opportunity presented, Yopparai silently produced an enchanted bottle of 
gutshaker, drained it, then slipped the dark lord carefully inside.  He 
then made his way swiftly to the Mount of the Silver Winds, where he knew 
the Silver Dragon, Xandrennus, Lord of Virtue, was slumbering away peacefully 
after a misguided attempt on his life by a despairing elven champion.  There 
was the bottle produced once more, and Xandrennus awoke to the confines of 
an ornate, but alcohol-tinged cage.  Yopparai shook the bottle violently, 
and Pergan awoke with a mournful howl, heaving his considerable bulk against 
the bottle, to no avail.  Yopparai amused himself for a good while with his 
prank, then, bored and sleepy, tossed the container into the sea and promptly 
forgot about it.
Several centuries later, the bottle turned up in a fishing net, from which
it was retrieved and opened.  It is said that the sky clouded up immediately,
and the heavens flashed a deep green.  The oceans bubbled and seethed, and
sulfur choked the air.  The flask shattered in short order, and the hapless
fishing boat and her crew, minus the cabin boy, were incinerated on the 
spot.  The young lad's ear drums imploded when he received the divine message
of the entity released that day, and he was ushered off to a sanitarium to
spend the rest of his days, but his account was recorded by the Zavijans for
"Ain.", said the deaf boy, his body wracked by spasms.  "Ain is what He 
calls Himself.  Never have I seen eyes like His, deep and full of meaning, 
yet so angry.  His aspect was dark, but full of internal light, and His 
flowing green robes concealed his massive form.  He had the face and silver 
locks of an old man.  He demanded Order, and spoke things of Lord Yopparai 
that I cannot possibly relate with this tongue, lest it fall right off.  It
wasn't the sort of scripture you'd carve into tablets."
Ain the Eye is the Lord of Order, but the ambiguity of His origins has
given rise to at least two distinct cults.  One concerns itself primarily 
with Justice, its symbol the Balanced Scale.  These principled followers 
of Ain champion the oppressed and the downtrodden, while seeking to further 
civilization through a strong sense of Order.  The other cult deems itself 
a gathering of Adjudicators, and its followers sport the symbol of the Eye. 
These aberrant sorts watch and judge and sometimes punish.  They tend to 
prize Order at any cost and are less altruistic than their scale-toting 
cousins. A select few followers of Ain choose a more dogmatic path,
eschewing the extremes of the other cults. All of His followers share an
enmity toward the disruptive and unproductive minions of the Lord of Chaos,
Yopparai, and his successor Marfik the Maelstrom.
Allowed Alignments: Principled, Dogmatic, Aberrant