". . .the Cycle is balanced between life and death.  Everything that lives 
also dies."
-Sullom Voe
"Nature does nothing uselessly."
"The goal of existence should be to accept and live in agreement with 
nature. Regardless of whether or not it is convenient, you are part of it 
and you do serve it by simply living."
The manifestation of Nashira into the world is full of myth and legend. No 
one is sure of how it came to be that Reina failed to exist and Nashira  
came to be, but it is widely believed that somehow Nashira was born of 
Reina after her decline into a very quiet state. Some believe that Reina 
gave birth to Nashira as a woman would give birth to her child, and that 
the agony of giving birth to another immortal being was enough to 
extinguish her existence. Others believe that Reina was so broken-hearted 
over some strange and unseen event that her will was broken, and she no 
longer wished to exist. Being immortal as she was, it would have been 
impossible for her to simply cease to exist, and from her broken spirit 
Nashira arose to take her place. However it came to be, it further 
exemplifies the continuation of the Cycle of Nature as one being passes on 
to produce another. Reina no longer exists, and Mother as she has been 
called in the past, is now the entity known as Nashira.
The goddess Nashira is hardly ever seen by mortals eyes, but when seen 
walking on the mortal world is normally manifested as a treant or human. It 
is believed that these forms are symbolic of the grand Cycle of Nature, 
being that they are the two most prominent examples in the world of birth, 
growth, and eventual decay.
The church of Nashira is very lax in its organization. The only structure
that exists would be a set of several select blessed followers and a High
Priest(ess) who have been charged with voicing the concerns of Nashira to
the general populous. Followers of all walks of life are invited to join
the church as long as they are dedicated to a life of continual learning;
a life dedicated to understanding the Cycle of Nature.