Elf culture is divided into three major bloodlines:
Sylvar Elves --  These elves are believed to have been named because of
their silvery or white hair.  They are the oldest and most pure of the elf
bloodlines.  These elves are so connected to the forests of Ayamao that they
find it physically and emotionally draining to be apart from the trees for
very long.  As a result, very few sylvar elves leave Sith'a'niel or its
surrounds, and those that do return at least once a year.  Stories persist
of sylvar elves who were stranded from their beloved homes for periods
longer than two years it is said they wept continuously until they could
return.  They are the least likely to have romantic affiliations with humans
or other races, as they seek to continue their pure line.  However, they are
much more likely to form friendships with other races than are the pyran
elves.  They have a deep-seeded hatred for the deep elves beyond that of any
other bloodline.
Pyran Elves --  Tracing the ancestry of pyran elves will usually result in
finding either one or two dalliances with a human.  This erases the mark of
the silvery hair that the pure bloodline holds.  It also weakens the bond
with their native forests.  These elves are more free to travel, and many of
them do travel in order to be further from their sylvar elf cousins.  They
see their impure past as a mark of shame, and usually work very diligently
to prove their worth.  Pyran elves are fiercely proud, and try not to
associate with the 'lesser' races who were the root of their impurity.
Because of their travels, though, they are more likely to eventually find
love amongst those few they might befriend than are the sylvar elves.
Common Elves --  They know that the other two bloodlines look down their
noses at them, but don't much seem to care.  Their ancestry might include a
handful or more humans or half-elves with their elf heritage still a
majority.  They are the most common bloodline, and the most likely to be
seen travelling and adventuring.  Common elves freely associate with other
races, and have no qualms about forming a romantic bond.  They also have the
least connection to Ayamao, and some have never even set foot in their
ancestral home.  They are also best able to tolerate the presence of deep