[Newbie help] interaction
There are several different ways to communicate with others on Shattered
Kingdoms, some verbal and others non-verbal.
Verbal communication
The verbal communication methods are used to speak with another character.
Some are used when in the same room, but others can allow you to speak with
someone else, no matter where in the realms they are at the time.
Syntax: say  --  talk to someone in the room
        sayto   --  direct your say to someone
        tell   --  speak mind-to-mind with someone
        reply  --  reply to a tell
        yell  --  lets everyone in your area know what you say
        gtell  --  send a message to everyone in your group
        pray  --  sends a message to listening immortals
Nonverbal communication
There are various nonverbal commands that are useful in player interaction.
Greet  allows you to formally introduce yourself to another
player.  In the future, anyone you have greeted will recognize you by name
instead of seeing you as "an elf" or "a halfling".  To automatically greet
people back when they greet you, type auto greet.  You can toggle this
option back and forth, and the MUD will tell you which setting you have it
on each time you toggle it.
EMOTE is another method of nonverbal communication.  This allows you to
send an action to the room.  For example:
         Devan types: > emote smiles and waves to Mayara.
   The room will see: Devan smiles and waves to Mayara.
To use it, just type emote .  Just be sure to put a verb after
typing emote, or your emote may not make sense (i.e. emote three apples in
his bag would display Devan three apples in his bag). There is also a
posessive emote command called pemote.
There is one other command which acts much like a pre-programmed emote, all
of the socials.  To perform one, simply type in the command (i.e. sneeze
or smile).  To see a list of all the socials on the MUD, type SOCIALS.
See also: communication say emote pemote pray socials