Algorab, the Raven

God of Fear, Tyranny, and Vengeance

We speak admiringly of a pride of lions, or kindly of a charm of finches, but
a terror of ravens? Somehow it does not seem fair, although opportunistically
scavenging and feeding on dead animals makes the association with obvious...


Beyond any doubt, the raven is considered first and foremost a bird of evil.
Its resonant "caw" has signaled pending doom throughout history in societies
throughout the realms.  During the military invasions and plagues in earlier
centuries, the raven dined on human corpses, and they apparently loitered
near the sites designated for human executions. The sight of a raven brought
fear and anxiety to those of weak mind and stout heart alike.  Ravens have
been known to lead other avian through tyrannical means, often maiming some
so that others are submissive. Not surprisingly He was known as the Raven
long ago...

Scriptures of old indicate that He has existed since the forming of the
realms.  Feared by the very Gods themselves, they banded together to imprison
Him.  After being confined for ages in a prison of stone deep beneath the
surface of the realms, Algorab has broken free.

Algorab is seldom viewed by mortals in the waking world enjoying instead to
manipulate mortals into believing their actions are their own.  He derives
pleasure from the sheer terror in a person's eyes or the shaking of their
boots when they believe they are in His presence.  Some claim he can
sometimes be sensed in every dark mist that haunts the realms, others say he
is present when they hear a Raven's "caw".  When mortals do find themselves
in His presence, be assured that death and destruction are near.

He is worshipped by any who have tasted fear, lead through tyranny, or wished
for vengeance.   Only the chosen few who dedicate their lives to Him, be they
Priest or Knight, can be called His own.  Some followers choose to remain
anonymous, believing that fear flourishes in the unknown. Others rule with an
iron fist and choose to wear His symbol.  His clergy can be seen with a
dimmed orb.  His Knights wear a clenched raven's claw.  But all that follow
can be assured one thing:  Triumph and be rewarded, fail and their punishment
will be like none ever felt before.