=*=====*====  Law at its most oppressive and useless. ====*====*= 
!==*==*==*==  Chaos reduced to mindless despoilment.  ==*=*==*==!  
=*=====*==*  Light and darkness twisted, twisted *==*=======*==*=
!===*======*=  into a whirlwind of blinding hubris.  =*===*=====!  
============  Balance and harmony into blind eyes  ==============
!==*=*== and a frown of distaste as a ruined world dies. ==*=*==!  

  Such ruined husks of the values of gods and men stand as empty monuments 
unto the Autocrat of the Void, Thuban the Liar, Quintessence of Untruth, 
the primal Mother-Father of Betrayal.  

Thuban is held as the patron of all those who thrive amidst veils of 
falsehood and subterfuge, from the lowliest trapdoor spider to the leader of
men whose pride leads great kingdoms unto ruin.  It has worn a hundred masks
in the past, the names and semblances of a hundred gods and men who do and
do not exist, and will likely do so always.  

As for Its true nature, some speak of Thuban as an amoral force like any 
other, the principle by which the chameleon escapes the jaws of the snake,
by which the clever find their way amongst the strong.  Others speak of It 
as the inevitable shadow cast by the gods and spirits' will, others still
as a corrupting, alien presence from beyond these realms entirely.  

It is likely only Thuban knows the truth of the matter, and certainly it
would not be believed even if It condescended to speak of it openly.  

Some worship Thuban openly, some in secluded places, and some in forgotten 
corners of their hearts, without truly knowing they do so.