[Game help] Tribunal

A tribunal is an organization dedicated to the governance of a particular
kingdom. Tribunals are responsible for maintaining and upholding the law
within their realms and, in some, governance of the kingdom's citizens.
Defense of the nation's citizens against solitary attackers and enemy 
military forces alike is also the charge of tribunal characters, so players of 
characters in these factions should be prepared to stand against enemies.

Membership in these organizations is often by invitation only, as tribunals 
are typically on the lookout for qualified applicants, although those wishing 
to join may seek out known members of a tribunal to express their interest.
Once the leadership of the tribunal is aware of your interest, you can expect 
to be notified about whether you will be accepted or not within two character 
years (2 weeks real time). Oaths to the tribunal will be asked before 
membership is granted. A tribunal is joined for life. Even if you resign your 
position, joining another is nearly impossible as other leaders will not trust 
an oathbreaker.

If you are admitted into a tribunal, you are still required to adhere to the
same standards of good roleplay that you displayed to gain admission. Tribunal
channels are to be in-character as well. Tribunal membership is unlimited, 
meaning that you may have multiple tribunal characters at a time. 

The Kingdom of Uxmal does not have a tribunal.

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