The Peacekeepers
Established by the renowned King Taslamar, the founder of the Free City of
Exile, the Peacekeepers were meant to function as the protectors of the
citizens of that fair city.  For centuries they have risen to defend their
beloved city from all hostile threats.  For nearly as long, they had acted on
behalf of and under the shadow of the most noble Hammer of Light, who made up
the functioning army of Taslamar and acted as protectors of Exile.  However,
due to conflicts of interest between the Hammer of Light and the laws of the
nation, the young King Gerevan sought a means by which to flush out
corruption and inner conflict.  To this end, he separated the Peacekeepers
and the Hammer of Light, separating their functions.  Now the Peacekeepers
remain ever vigilant, striving to be virtuous and fair in their duties.