[Songs help] power chords

Syntax: sing 'c major' 
Syntax: sing 'f minor'
Syntax: sing 'b augmented sixth'

Each of these three skills allows the bard to sing a single powerful chord 
at full volume.  By infusing his voice with a touch of magic, the tones can 
be used to bring about special effects and damage enemies, most effectively 
when the bard is alone.  Chords cannot be used while singing a song.

C Major is the first chord a bard learns during training.  Emphasizing
technique over power, this chord produces a narrow cone of sound which can 
be aimed at a single creature.  While creating pain in listeners, C Major 
can also cause items made out of certain materials to shatter.

F Minor is a slightly more difficult chord learned once a voice is more
seasoned.  This chord affects everyone that stands near to the bard, making 
it best used when allies are not nearby.  In addition to creating pain, F
Minor also disorients the inner ear, temporarily dazing those hearing it.

B Augmented Sixth is the most complex and far reaching chord in a bard's 
repertoire.  Sung at full opera volume, the chord's powerful reverberations
penetrate into adjoining rooms in every direction.  The wave is so strong 
that, in addition to deadly pain, B Augmented Sixth also causes deafness.

There is no saving throw for the damage associated with the powerchords, but
the special effects (shattering, disorientation and deafness) each receive
a fortitute saving throw with spellpower improving the effectiveness.

See also: sing fortitude spellpower