[Skills help] skirmish

Syntax: skirmish 

Skirmish training permits a character to go on the offense with ranged
weapons.  Without the skirmish skill, a character has to carefully examine
the area around him for possible ranged targets in order to attack.  Even
with the auto fire ability, a character can only react to attacks that have
already happened and cannot move from the spot where he is standing.

Skirmish lifts all of those restrictions.  Even when not actively attempting
to skirmish, an archer who makes his skirmish skill check will be able to 
move and fire for as long as the target remains in range.  Targetting also
becomes second nature to the archer.  Using the skirmish command, the archer 
automatically begins firing at the named target when they enter range.

This ability is only fully effective for those using bow and crossbows, but
certain features are also compatible with siege weapons and giant boulders.
Skirmish with no keyword will stop active skirmishing.

See also: 'auto fire' shoot throw