[Game help] 'auto fire'

Auto fire automates the use of ranged weapons - both those used with throw 
and those with shoot.  Once the first weapon is thrown or the first shot is
fired, your character will continue to throw or shoot at the maximum rate of
fire allowed for those weapons until your ammo is exhausted or your target
moves out of range.  Point blank shots work the same as throw.

Auto fire will not function while in melee combat so stepping behind a pet
or companion is necessary if fighting in the same room.  This feature will
also automatically return fire if the character suffers a ranged attack 
from someone else, but only if an appropriate missile or thrown weapon is
readily available.  If returning fire, moving will cause the character to
cease attacking unless he suffers another attack.

The skirmish skill will not function unless Auto fire is turned on. If you
wish to stop firing, you can use stop or turn off auto fire.

See also: shoot throw skirmish