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[Songs help] songs of dancing

Syntax: sing ''

The melody of dance has an infectious rhythm which compels all around the
bard to dance uncontrollably.  For those trained in the skill of dance, 
all of the usual benefits and drawbacks apply, including the inability to 
perform attacks like bash and trip.  The dance is much more hazardous for 
the untrained.  Their uncontrolled foot movements make them easier to hit 
instead of harder and they are unable to flee.  While a bard is not forced 
to dance by his own song, he may elect to dance to increase the song's 
power.  If so, his allies become immune to the melody.

Some of the more common sets of lyrics for songs of dancing include:
Time To Dance, Lift Your Feet, Hi Dee Ho Di Hi Dee Hay, The Madness Of
Music, Wee Lad Wiggun, and Dance Again Before The End

See also: songs sing dance