[Songs help] songs of silence

Syntax: sing ''

The melody of silence is perhaps somewhat misnamed for it fills the room
with a powerful song.  Such is the beauty of this song that all who listen
are compelled to avoid marring it with any noise of their own.  Initially,
this results in slower casting times for all magic users who hear it as
they fight against the compulsion.  Upon being fully enthralled, the song 
affects access to the power of speech, ability to order pets, access to cast 
most spells, recite scrolls, persuade others and sing bardic songs.  While 
dancing the bard's companions are able to make noise normally.

Some of the more common sets of lyrics for songs of silence include:
Hush, Hush, Hush, With But A Word, Silence Surrounded, Fall On Deaf
Ears, I Hear Widows Crying, Of Chattering Sparrows, In A Quiet Library,
and All Is Quiet

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