[Training help] teach
Syntax: teach  level 
        teach  '' 
        teach  '' 
        teach stop
The teach command allows a mentor to become a skill trainer to the 
student specified when using the command.  Teaching can only be performed
in a newbie school zone or at one of the main Inns.  The user must be superb 
at the skill being trained to be eligible to teach it.  The price is the 
amount of copper pieces that will be charged for a single training session.  
Skills cost the student the same amount of experience points as if learning
from an NPC trainer.  Only a single session is necessary to teach a lyric.  
Mentors receive a portion of the XP spent by the student when teaching a
skill, spell or lyric.  Teachers are also encouraged to train their student
in achieving a level although experience is not earned for doing so.
See also: train songs mentor XP