Sadr - the Goddess of Disease, Mistress of Pain, Maiden of Suffering
  Once known in the elder tongue as Yenko, the Goddess Sadr appeared in the 
pantheon during the latter centuries of the First Age. She is the goddess of 
disease, as well as pain and suffering. This revelation of the true name of 
Sadr and the embodiment of disease occurred late in the Third Age. Some say 
this knowledge originated from a lost prophet, while others suspect the 
influence of the Lord of Chaos.
  Pain and suffering is seen as a part of the learning process by those who 
venerate Her, and only through them do people gain wisdom and enlightenment. 
How this is interpreted often varies, as some see this path as an internal 
exercise of perseverance, while others work externally- often pursuing acts 
of torture as a method of "spreading the Word."
  The Goddess' role as the culler of the weak does not garner favor with much 
of the world, except by those who view Her work as a necessary process of 
  Other factions of this faith are more fanatical in their pursuit of 
understanding through disease, and that of the culling role. They have been 
responsible for seeding villages with clouds of plague, contaminating even 
the dead with its corrosive touch. Those who survive are deemed worthy, 
while those fallen serve their purpose through the spread of such fetidness.
  Some also view Her harshness and infliction of suffering incarnated in 
the icy climes and as part of the natural cycle of winter, and venerate Her 
as such. However, that practice is not as common as it once was.