[Game help] quests

Syntax: quest
Syntax: quest completed
Syntax: quest [number]

The world of Shattered Kingdoms contains a number of quests.  Each quest,
when completed, rewards the character who completed it in some way.  These
rewards can include a special item, a bonus of experience, or favored status
with some group of people.  The quest command displays the name and area
of origin of each quest that is currently in progress.  It also shows the
number of quests completed out of the total quests available.

Most quests start when an NPC (non-player character) talks to a PC (player
character).  Not every NPC who talks to a PC initiates a quest, but some do.
Pay attention to the conversation, looking for keywords that might be used in
response, to possibly trigger further conversation with the NPC.  Once you
have begun a quest, you may need to initiate conversation with different NPCs
in order to further it.  They will not all be so forthcoming as the first.

You may be required to obtain something and give it to an NPC, to talk about
certain things to various NPC(s), or to solve a puzzle.  Experienced questers
are in the habit of carefully reading NPC conversations.  Room descriptions
often contain clues about hidden things, leading to other keywords which can
be targeted with look, so it can be truly worthwhile to take note of them, to
make detailed observation a habit.  In many cases color is used to highlight
important keywords.  There may even be some quests that do not require
interaction with an NPC to any significant degree.  Quests vary as much as
their rewards.

It is recommended that your character always be visible when dealing with a
quest mob, as many of them cannot interact with invisible, hidden, or
camoflagued characters.

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