[Game help] immigration deportation

Currently players are offered six kingdoms within Pyrathia where they are
allowed to live and play (four of which are valid starting options for new adventuring characters). Having a kingdom selected allows you 'recall'
home from almost all locations within the game. While most people are
satisfied with their choice of kingdom, and have no reason to move, there
are instances where the notion of moving cities becomes very interesting
for a player based on RP reasons.

There is currently a procedure which allows a player to switch their
kingdom. Very rarely does the process require an Immortal to intervene,
and can be done with the assistance of certain players within the game.

The first step which should be taken is to speak to the leader of the
Tribunal for the kingdom you wish to move into. It is considered good
manners to secure citizenship and a guarantee with them that you can be
immigrated into their kingdom. Based on RP, some leaders may deny you
this request.

After securing your citizenship in another kingdom, you will need to
speak with the leader of the Tribunal for the kindgom you currently live
in. You simply ask them to deport you, and they are required to do this
at your request. Several major cities have self-deportation options 
available for your convenience.

Once deported, report back to the leader for the Tribunal for the city
you are moving into, and have them immigrate you into the kingdom. This
will set your recall to the new kingdom, and the process is completed.

Since Uxmal has no Tribunal, a loosely controlled housing authority has
the boring task of accepting anyone who wants to immigrate to Teron. Over 
the bridge from the Crossroads Inn and north along King's Road and you're

See also: banish country tribunal