[Objects help] sextant

Syntax: use sextant

Once magical travellers verified that Pyrathia exists upon a flat disc, 
astronomers theorized that through observation of the sky, it would be 
possible to determine a person's location in relation to the center of
the world.  Unfortunately, the stars were useless for this task, seeing
as they never move from their locations.  However, it is possible to 
calculate the course of the sun and moon as they orbit the disc.

Because the courses change with the seasons, actually determining your
location using this method was almost impossible for the average person 
until the invention of the sextant.  A sextant automates most of the
computations and only requires that the user know the date and point 
the device at an appropriate celestial object.  Obviously, a sextant
can only be used while you have a view of the sky and will give no
useful reading to someone who may be on another plane of existance.

A sextant gives a reading based on how far the user is from the center 
of the world in the North-South direction and the East-West direction.
A typical reading would appear as: 29^N, 8^E - meaning 29 coordinates
north and 8 coordinates east of the center of the disc.

See also: use pyrathia