[Communication help] language speak write

Syntax: speak 
Syntax: write 

Shattered Kingdoms is the home of many kingdoms, few of which share a common
language or system of writing.  When you are born into the world you will know
only the speech of your homeland.  To learn the speech of other countries, you
will have to find a teacher to train you in that tongue.

When you hear someone speaking in a language which you do not understand, the
message will be garbled.  Because small words are mastered more quickly than
larger words they will be the first to be translated perfectly as your skill
at the language increases.  Keep in mind that both the person speaking (or 
writing) and the person listening (or reading) must both have fluency in a 
language for the words to be translated perfectly.

Speak will list all of the languages that you have at least some practice
in speaking.  Speak  will allow you to change the language you
are speaking. For example, 'speak taslamaran'.  Sometimes you will wish to
know what language someone is speaking to you, so that you can switch to that
language in which they are fluent.  You can tell which language someone is
speaking by examining the color of the text at the beginning of a message.

The languages are color coded according to the following chart:

Empire Tongue     Taslamaran Tongue
Zhensh Tongue     Sylvan Tongue
Uxmaln Tongue     Aghelian Tongue
Deep Tongue       Firmyrn Tongue
Immortal Tongue

Write will list all of the languages that you have at least some practice
in writing.  To write a note you must be holding a writing instrument of some
sort in one hand and a parchment of some sort in your other hand.  For
example, 'write taslamaran' will allow you to enter the text editor,
where you type whatever message you wish to write down.

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