[Laws help] banish

Banishment is an option that has been given to tribunals in each of the 
governed cities in Shattered Kingdoms.  Although the law systems of each 
kingdom are completely automated when it comes to common crimes, there may 
come a point at which a criminal has become so reviled that the tribunal 
will need to step in and banish him or her from the kingdom forever.  The 
use of banish is discretionary by the tribunal leader but some conditions 
that can lead to banishment include repeat offenders, causing a public 
nuisance and performing attacks against the kingdom itself.

A banish mark can only be issued by a tribunal leader to an existing 
criminal.  This means that the victim must either be in prison already or 
have a bounty listed with the magistrate for that city.  A banished player 
is hunted by the law enforcement mobs of the kingdom they are banished from.  
If caught, they'll be attacked and stunned. At this time, the offender will 
be transferred to jail to serve any outstanding warrants or, in the case that
these have been served, randomly teleported to a room outside of the kingdom.

Banishment never ends, regardless of how many times you are banished. The 
only way to remove the mark is to have a tribunal leader remove it for you.  
If you are banished from your native land, you also lose your citizenship.

See also: outlaw tribunal immigration