[Skills help] hamstring

Syntax: hamstring 
Syntax: hamstring behind 

Hamstring is a specialized flanking attack for rogues.  It is a close
cousin to circle stab, striking for an equal amount of damage and also
unable to be used while under attack.  However, a hamstring attack will
always damage one of your opponent's legs, regardless of your aim.

In addition to doing damage, a successful hamstring will also mangle the 
opponents leg, slowing him and making it more difficult for him to flee.  
Hamstringing both legs will make it impossible for the victim to flee on 
foot, but will also make further hamstring attacks impossible. Unlike
circle stab, you may choose to start a fight with a hamstring attack.

By specifying the behind argument, the rogue can target the rearmost person
in the same column as the named victim.

See also: aim 'circle stab'