Combat Help

There may come a point during your time in Shattered Kingdoms when you will
wish to cause damage to someone, or find someone who wishes to cause you
damage.  Each of the following has its own help file for more information.

aim --  a way to choose your target more precisely
armor2 --  an explaination of the penalties associated with wearing armor
challenge duel --  a new type of fighting, governed by the Duelists' Guild
consider --  a method by which you may gauge your opponent
damage --  a look at the types of damage which may be done
flee wimpy --  methods to keep yourself from death
formation position --  hints as to how to fight in a group
glance --  a way to take a quick peek at someone's health level
kill --  starts a fight
hit -- synonymous with kill
mode --  to kill or to stun
mood --  your attitude about fighting

Certain skills and spells may also be useful in combat.  For each one, see
the individual help file.