[Game help] Inns

If you are looking for a place to interact with other adventurers of all 
types, then the most luxurious inn within each kingdom's capital city is 
the place to go.  These bastions of comfort are nearly magical in nature,
as they provide advanced care for their patrons which accelerates both
healing and the restoration of magical and physical energies.  Only the
following inns are recommended by the Traveler's Guild for this benefit:

Taslamar        - The Heart and Rose, in the center of Exile
The Empire      - The Waxing Moon, in Menegroth
Uxmal           - The Crossroads Inn, in Teron
Zhenshi         - Inn of the Rumbling Zakami, in Nerina
Happy Hour      - The Crystallis Lounge, via recall

See also: mentor 'happy hour'