[Game help] nospam

Syntax: nospam  
        nospam [all|none]

The nospam command has a variety of settings that allow you
to reduce the amount of spam that can occur during a battle.  It
does this by allowing you to turn off combat messages that do not
directly relate to your status during the battle.

miss    : Filters lines involving melee miss and dodge
deflect : Filters lines involving armor deflection
block   : Parry, shield block, and ironguard

self    : Attacks performed by you are filtered out
victim  : Attacks performed against you are filtered out
other   : Attacks performed neither by you or against you.

Even if you typically use a client that has the capability to gag
text from appearing, nospam can be useful.  Because nospam stops
spam before it is sent over the net to you, using it will reduce
the amount of bandwidth used while playing.  If you typically play
over a slow connection, you may see quite noticable improvements.

Nospam without an argument will show your current settings.
If you wish to reduce spam outside of combat, try examining the
various settings available under the auto command.

See also: auto