[Spells help] call armor

Syntax: cast 'call armor'

A paladin only spell, call armor is a gift of the gods to their champions 
who are frequently required to lay down their life as a final defense so
that others might live.  When this spell is cast, it recalls all gear from
the corpse (or petrified statue) of the caster and re-equips them with that
gear. The body can be anywhere - even on other planes of existence.

The spell's name is something of a misnomer as the spell will recall not 
only armor but also weapons and miscellaneous equipment.  The powers of
light will not aid in the recovery of items tainted by evil nor will the
spell transport items that are better suited for more powerful heroes.

The redeem retrieval command works almost identically to this spell, but
without the alignment and level restrictions.

See also: redeem