[Skills help] combat casting


Paladins and hellions are unique in that they are highly trained in 
both the martial and divine arts.  This rigorous training allows them to 
perform a feat that only they can - the limited ability to fight with  
their weapon at the same time that they cast prayers.

Combat casting provides two distinct benefits.  The first is the
ability to attack once per round while praying.  This style of fighting 
is incredibly difficult - even with special training it is impossible
to make multiple attacks per round while praying for a spell.  Because
of this, many combat casters use the largest weapons available.

The second benefit is the ability to suspend the casting of a prayer in
the event that they are knocked prone.  Instead, a combat caster will 
receive their full number of attacks per round, as if they were not
praying.  The prayer will resume as soon as they regain their footing.

See also: bash trip prone