Marfik, the Maelstrom -- God of Chaos, Mayhem, and Anarchy
"Chaos is the law of existence while Order is merely the dream of man."
"Chaos often breeds life, while Order breeds only habit."
"What we imagine as Order is merely the prevailing form of Chaos."
"In the beginning, there was Chaos. Chaos nurtures progress. Progress
enhances Order. Order tries to defy Chaos at all cost. But my friend, if and
when Order wins the final battle against Chaos, I will mourn because
progress will be dead."
Marfik is the pure embodiment of Chaos. The most common story of his
awakening is a tale of imprisonment. In a time long since forgotten by
most, a being known as Xareth wielded the powers of Chaos to further his
goals in the lands of Pyrathia. The powerful influence of Chaos affected
even his immortal psyche and pushed him into a constant state of War
and Destruction. With Xareth's demise, Marfik finally had his chance to
begin to form, only to be cut short by the concentration of his power into a
mere mortal by the name of Yopparai. Having already been blessed for
many years by Yigg, his constant source of Insanity and Pleasure, his
mortal mind couldn't even begin to properly wield Marfik's power, and he
slowly entered a downward spiral of pure Insanity. The fleshy prison
which served to keep the power of Marfik from coalescing into the
Maelstrom he was destined to become also gave him a more personal
view of Pyrathia's natives. Able to gaze upon the mortals and do nothing,
he saw many that would do well to serve him that had been turned away
by all others. He swore that he would never forget the forsaken that he had
seen and been unable to help. He finally received a chance to escape his
confines when Insanity finished taking Yopparai's mind and made him
believe that Chaos had existed before the Elements. This mental instability
ultimately led to the pretender's demise, as well as a sum of gratitude
towards Yed. After Yopparai and Khore's mutual demise, the imprisoned
essence of Chaos now freed went into seclusion so that he could regain
his former power.
The church of Marfik is composed of such varied and sundry individuals as
the wanton criminal and the blind beggar; he accepts any who would aid
the forsaken or contribute to the downfall of Order. The rallying cry at many
a Marfikian sermon is a general shout of discontent. Depending upon
which nation the preacher is in, the message of his sermon will vary, but
unflinchingly, it calls out to the oppressed and disenfranchised, urging
them towards the destruction of the abominable rule. Marfikian are
generally found amongst the slaves, lower classes, and outcasts who have
not flourished under the rule of merchants, nobles, or kings. Those who
recognize the plight of these people also find an easy home within the
Maelstrom. He welcomes all, be they griffon or necromancer, as long as
they do not hold Order within their heart. Followers of Marfik are encouraged
to reject established ethos and law as they see fit. Rebellion is a tool used
by his followers to achieve a world where they will ultimately find their
place, a world where everything is not just over-turned, but the shackles
are smashed with a large hammer.