[Death Help] Spirit Disorientation

Death is a horrifying experience, but coming back to life is often more 
traumatic.  Death is a part of the natural cycle but being brought back to 
life is a disruption to the soul of the recently departed.  Having a material 
body again after being an ethereal soul brings about physical discoordination 
while being dragged away from entering the home of your deity causes mental
backlash.  Taken all together, the conditions brought about from returning
from the dead are known as spirit disorientation.

The effect, which lowers all of your attributes by a small amount, usually
only lasts for around a day.  However, frequent trips across the boundary of
death during that time are cumulative, both in the loss to statistics and in
the amount of time that the disorientation lasts.  There are a few methods
of being brought back to life that do not cause spirit disorientation, but
most do.  Check the following help files to see which ones cause it.

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