Yed: Elemental Consciousness
In the beginning were the elemental planes. Fire, air, water and 
earth: they were old when the gods were young. Beyond the reach of 
memory, they had existed, pure and barren, devoid of life and 
consciousness, yet they lived.
An age passed, and the gods matured.
In the beginning, the gods created the world from the elemental 
planes. They brought forth earth to lay its foundation, and called 
down fire to fill its core. They filled the skies with air, and 
poured water into the low places. The world existed, pure and 
barren, devoid of life and consciousness, yet it lived.
An age passed, and life arose.
As life evolved, the races began to mimic the powers of the gods. 
They drew upon the powers of the world around them. They prayed to 
the heavens and summoned forth divine energies. They even opened 
channels to the elemental planes. And in the barren places of the 
world, something awoke and came into consciousness. It reached forth 
with its mind, and for a millenium, it studied the world and that 
which existed with the air, water, fire and earth. It bided its 
time, growing in strength as more elemental energy was brought into 
the world.
When it came fully into its own power, Khore was born. Three mortals 
played an instrumental role in this, by uniting the four parts of the 
Elemental Key: Bregan, a priest of Suffering; Savax, a neutral 
swashbuckler; and Qazpe, a mercenary of the Light. Khore stood among 
the gods for an age as the Elemental Lord, until war broke in the 
heavens, and the elemental consciousness again passed into slumber.
Years passed, and then something stirred.
Drawn by their enlightenment and their connection to the elemental 
plane, four strangers found their way to the place where Khore had 
been born: Cronoss, an elven warlock, the last of Khores faithful; 
Xiere, a half-elven priestess; Baalbek, a deep-elven warlock; and 
Renyua, a centaur warlock of Natures flock.   The coming together of 
these four, in this place, at this time, woke the elemental 
consciousness. As It took physical form, It spoke and asked Its 
name- Lord Yed, the words spoken by the deep-elf, were taken, and 
by this name the Elements have since been known by mortalkind.
Yed is the united consciousness of the four elements. It is 
worshipped by those who call upon the elemental planes for power, and 
those who are close to the barren places of the world. It pays 
little interest to mortalkind- those parasites who live upon the 
elements- having little concern even for Its own worshippers. Yed is 
amoral- such things as deceit, truth, death, courage, and the like 
have little meaning to the elements. As such, the Elemental Church 
is open to any and all who wish to pay homage to Yed, though its 
hierarchy is controlled strictly by warlocks and priests.