[Training help] mentor
Syntax: mentor
This command is somewhat unusual in that it functions differently depending on
what level you have achieved.
If you are of Apprentice status or below, you are a student who is eligible 
to be mentored.  Students can use the mentor command to issue a call for 
help from a mentor (experienced players) while in their newbie school or at 
an inn.  Only mentors from your kingdom will receive a notification, with 
preference being given to mentors of your same or a similar class.  Mentors
receive benefits for the teaching they provide, so feel free to patronize 
only the mentors that provide the most helpful assistance to you.
If you are of Mentor status or above, you are eligible to actually become a
mentor by teaching students. Only mentors can use the teach command, which is
used to teach level, skills, spells and lyrics to eligible students.  Teaching
is a method for the mentor to earn XP and earn Mentor points.  You may only
teach in newbie schools and Inns. You will be notified of students as they 
enroll at school or if a student is seeking assistance.  You are allowed to 
enter the newbie school for the sole purpose of helping students.  If you do
not wish to mentor, you may use the mentor command to toggle it off/on. 
WARNING: If there's even a question that a mentor is abusing his mentor
abilities, they can and will be permanently removed.
See also: mentor-tips teach inns auto status