[Training help] mentor-tips

-- A newbie may not be able to tell you where they are, but if they've 
used the "mentor" command, they'll either be in the Inn or the newbie school.

-- Don't summon newbies unless they request it.  As the mentor, you should
seek them out so as not to disrupt their training.

-- Start off slowly.  Newbies may not know how to respond at first, whether 
in tells or replies, especially if you're using a different language.

-- If someone else is already helping a newbie, don't butt in.  You may be
able to help later, or another newbie may come along who needs your help.

-- Roleplay your mentorship.  You will likely be a newbie's first experience 
with the game, so be sure to show them what RP is all about through example.

-- Don't just offer to teach skills.  Be a true mentor by encouraging your
student to set their adjective and description as well as offering advice.

-- Don't abuse your access to the newbie zones.  PKing newbies or abusing
the quests available there will get your Mentor status revoked permanently.