[Game help] saves fortitude reflex willpower

There are times when the game has to decide whether or not an offensive
ability 'worked'.  The most common example of this is when an aggressive
spell such as blindness is cast.  To determine whether or not the
target is indeed blinded, the character receives a saving throw.

The term saving throw is a historical reference to tabletop roleplaying 
where the player performs a dice roll to determine the outcome.  On SK, 
the game calculates all random chances for you.  However there are still 
ways to improve the odds of succeeding on a saving throw.  There are 
three types of saving throws - fortitude, reflex and willpower.

-Fortitude is used against abilities that primarily attempt to impede or
 corrupt the body.  Examples of spells of this type include blindness, 
 deafness, energy drain, finger of death, petrification, plague, and slow.
-Reflex is used against abilities where speed and coordination might allow
 you to escape the brunt of the attack.  Examples of spells of this type
 include acid blast, call lightning, fireball, hellfire and magma spray.
-Willpower is used against abilities that primarily attempt to influence
 the mind or its connection to the weave of magic.  Examples of spells of
 this type include charm person, curse, dispel magic, sleep and summon.

You can increase these three modifiers by increasing their related stats.
Fortitude is linked to constitution, reflex is linked to dexterity and 
willpower is linked to wisdom.  You can also increase them through the
use of certain abilities like fury and by enchanting equipment.

When saving against a spell that has been cast at you, there is always
a chance of failure (the equivalent of rolling 1 on a d20).  However, if
the spell is triggered by an item, there is no such critical failure.

See also: 'enchant armor' fury spellpower impairment recite evasion