Dabi - The Star of Slaughter
Whispered only in shadows and written only in the darkest of tomes was
the legend of Bane's daughter, Ghania, the being held beyond the touch
of Death within the flesh of her Dark Father, which brought about his
transformation from Bane to Zynor, the Union of Blood.
And all but forgotten were the tales of her birth, betrayal, and
death, murdered by the birthing of her children, slain by the curse
her brother bore and forced upon her.
And all but lost was the world on the day when the moon became red and
the ground wept blood, and the Cultists of Zynor gathered in ritual to
awaken their Lord and bring about the end of all creation.
Whether it was fate or the error of the cultists or the intervention
of the Gods themselves, few know, but on that day, in Zynor's attempt
to loose himself from his centuries-old sleep, something went awry.
The power of the Blood Cult was broken along with the fabled blood orb
and His daughter was awakened. As Bane had once preserved her in half-
life and become Zynor, now Ghania claimed her Father's spirit, power,
and place for Her own - to became Dabi, the Star of Slaughter, the
Goddess of Hate.
The followers of Dabi seek Her touch out for as many different reasons
as there are followers, but they are all united by the darkest of
hearts and souls full of Hatred.  Her priesthood in civilized areas
generally takes the form of a loosely organized matriarchy, although
welcoming of both men and women as both priests and lay members.  Its
teachings are of the power of tapping the deepest, blackest core of
Hatred, transcending mere anger or disgust, and drawing strength
through the destruction of its object.
In wilder areas She is also venerated by certain tribes of the
Northern Wastes as a Goddess of Rage, and invoked before entering
combat.  Berserking fighters are held in special honor in such tribes,
as their battlerages are seen as a posession by the Goddess Herself,
and an unmistakable sign of Her favor.
Wherever Her worship takes place, in whatever form it takes, one
always finds in its wake the shedding of blood, the destruction of
life and light, and the smoke of burned sacrifices as She completes
the work, in Her own way, that Her father began.