[Game help] forumID
Syntax: forumid ''
This command will link your character file to the specified user name
on the official SK forums.  By doing so, you will automatically be added
to (and removed from) any of the private groups that your character would
have access to, such as faction, religion and leadership forums.
Examples: forumid Shuri
          forumid 'Tola 32'
          forumid "K'rchnak"
The name you enter must match your forum name exactly.  If your username
has spaces or normal quotes, be sure to bracket the entire name by single
quotes.  If your username has single quotes, be sure to bracket the entire
name by double quotes.  If your username includes both single and double
quotes, or uses the tilde character, you will not be able to link to your
forum account via this command.  In that case, we recommend creating a
new forum name for yourself instead.
If for some reason your first attempt to match your forum name is not
successful, you may use the command again to correct your mistake.  This
command does not instantly link you to the proper forums but instead
places your name in a queue for processing.  There will be a delay.  Do
not ask for help until at least 24 hours has passed.  In the event that
you need assistance, refer to the 'Cabal, Tribunal and Religion Boards'
thread in the Announcements forum.
See also: forumid-reset forums website contacts