"I once saw an altercation on Chaos Road between a Teronian half-elf and a
minotaur named Boavinus. The half-elf was arguing, correctly, that Teron was
located in Uxmal; the confused minotaur argued that Teron was of Zhensh. Their
words grew heated until Boavinus roared with anger and gored the half-elf with
his horns. The half-elf died instantly, but Boavinus's fury was not abated.
He spent the next hour bellowing in rage, calling for someone else to challenge
him.  The lesson to be learned here: Don't argue with minotaurs."
-- Tyliv Wasalas, gnome scholar of Craeftilin University


Minotaurs are large, muscular humanoids with the head and hide of a bull.  They
also have cloven hooves in place of feet.  Although their bovine ancestry makes
them tremendously strong and tough, minotaurs anger easily and are particularly
prone to acting before thinking about the consequences of their actions.  When
flying off the handle, minotaurs tend to gore victims with their horns, which
grow during puberty regardless of gender.  While most races of the realms have
innate psychic talent, this hard-headed race has an odd defense against charms
and mental attacks that also makes mind speech extremely difficult.  They are
weak to energy as well as sonic attacks which target their sensitive hearing.

Minotaurs resist regimentation and therefore cannot hold the alignments of 
principled, dogmatic or aberrant.

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