The Minotaur People

Ancient roots of the minotaur culture lie in western Taslamar.  They were
a tribe of half-giant herdsman who were reknowned for their tribal lore
and cattle breeding.  In those days they were ruled by wise warrior-kings,
each taking the name of Antolos.  Eventually refugees from the Empire came
to live nearby and established a city called Exile.  Taslamar prospered in
the early years due to beneficial trade with the Minotas people.

As Exile's need for resources expanded, frustration grew between the Minotas
and the Taslamarians.  Border disputes led to a battle in which a village of
the Minotas was slaughtered by a neighboring Taslamar settlement.  These
spirit worshippers had never seen war.  After the slaughter, King Antolos
assembled all of his people and cried out to the gods in the heavens.  An
unknown god, pleased with the dramatic events, answered Antolos's prayers
by appearing to him in the form of a bull.  In a burst of blood-red fire,
he merged every man, woman, and child of Antolos's people with the most
perfect specimens from the bulls of their herd.  Stout bodies and bovine
heads made the new minotaurs completely suited for battle.  The unknown god
led the people in an assault upon Exile in which many citizens were slain.

Just as reinforcements arrived from the other western nations the unknown
god abandoned the minotaur.  Rumor has it that a minotaur named Bessia
was to blame and as such, no insult is greater amongst minotaur than that
name.  But the minotaur also cursed themselves for even once trusting in
the power of gods over spirits.  The western nations allied to push the
minotaur out of Taslamar and into the north.  King Antolos built a fortress
to house his people, but the land was poor and existence meager.

One day Dyasha the Dragonslayer, a giant scout of world renown, came to face
Antolos in a duel for his crown.  Antolos suffered a horrible defeat and it
crushed the line of Antolos kings.  Three tribes existed after that time.
Followers of Dyasha comprised one clan.  The second clan followed Antolos's
son in search of better lands, where they settled in Teron.  The last clan
became nomadic, wandering the northern wilderness near Krychire.

The minotaur tribes were recently reunited by a historic event in which
Dyasha's namesake and Prince Lathron, leader of the Teronian minotaurs, met
peacefully in Teron.  Although now more powerful than at any time since
Antolos's failed assault on Exile, the tribes are now prepared to again
try more peaceful methods and plan to avoid new wars unless provoked.