[Training help] Magic Resistance

Syntax: train stat mr

Magic resistance is a personal field of magic absorption that has a 
chance to completely disrupt most magical spells and effects.  It is an 
alternative to saving throws as a way to avoid harmful magic, including 
spells that cannot be saved against.  The more resistance you acquire, the 
more it will trigger.  And enemy mages cannot compensate against it.

The downside to magic resistance is that it does not discriminate between 
helpful and harmful magic.  Magic resistance may cause you to resist buff
and curative magic.  However, most resistance comes from equipment that has
been enchanted with the enchant armor spell, which can be removed when
necessary.  Also, magic resistance works by absorbing magical energy and 
converting it into healing energy that affects the wearer.  This healing 
effect becomes increasingly powerful as you acquire more resistance.

Barbarians have the unique ability to train magic resistance and may also
learn a skill which allows them to temporarily suppress it.

See also: train saves 'enchant armor' suppression