[Skills help] suppression

Syntax: suppress

Due to their hatred of most magic and spellcasters, barbarians have the 
unique ability to train their bodies to permanently resist magical forces.
But occasionally a barbarian becomes so badly injured that he must seek out 
magic from healers, preferably shamanic, to make things right again.  

When necessary, a barbarian can attempt to suppress his resistances.
Doing so requires tremendous effort as the brute makes mental war against
his own defenses.  The barbarian can do little else while keeping his
resistance lowered and is effectively paralyzed for a short time.

Suppression negates all magic resistance on the barbarian, including that 
gained from equipment, although this makes using the skill more difficult.
Once the suppression ends, the barbarian's body automatically attempts to
purge itself of any magic affects that were acquired in the meantime.

See also: train 'magic resistance'